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Did your computer get a virus?

Do you want to take preventive measures to stop a virus attack?

If you pick up a damaging virus, removal can be extremely difficult and you might lose your data and files you've worked so long to create!

We will remove any viruses that attack your PC. 

Common symptoms of a virus are:

Programs take longer to load.
Program sizes keep changing.
The hard drive light flashes when you are not doing anything.
Files have strange names that you don't recognize.
Unknown files show up on your computer.
Your antivirus program becomes disabled on its own.
You can't access the Internet.
Your email stopped working.
Your friends call to say they are getting virus notices from your email.


A software virus is a parasitic program written intentionally to alter the way your computer operates without your permission or knowledge. A virus attaches copies of itself to other files and, when activated, may damage files, cause erratic system behavior, or display messages. Some system viruses are programmed specifically to corrupt programs, delete files, or erase your disk.

For more information about viruses and preventing infections, please click here.

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