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A virus is inactive until you launch an infected program, start your computer from a disk that has infected system files, or open an infected document. For example, if a word processing program contains a virus, the virus activates when you run the program. Once a virus is in memory, it usually infects any program you run, including network programs (if you can make changes to network folders or disks).

Viruses behave in different ways. Some viruses stay active in memory until you turn off your computer. Other viruses stay active only as long as the infected program is running. Turning off your computer or exiting the program removes the virus from memory, but does not remove the virus from the infected file or disk. That is, if the virus resides in an operating system file, the virus activates the next time you start your computer from the infected disk. If the virus resides in a program, the virus activates the next time you run the program.

To prevent virus-infected programs from getting onto your computer, your antivirus should be set to automatically scans files before you copy or run them. This includes programs you download from news groups or Internet Web sites and any email attachments that you receive.

Viruses spread through email and instant messenger attachments. Your antivirus should be set to monitor incoming and outgoing email messages and instant messenger attachments for potential threats.

It is important that you practice regular file maintenance and that you keep antivirus program up-to-date.

To avoid viruses:

Write-protect removable media.
Stay informed about viruses by logging on to the antivirus manufacturers web site where there is extensive, frequently updated information on viruses and virus protection.
Keep the virus definition updating feature turned on at all times to continually update your virus definitions files.
Look for program updates regularly to receive new program updates.
Keep antivirus program turned on at all times to prevent viruses from infecting your computer.
If the antivirus program is not turned on, scan removable media before you use them.
Schedule periodic scans to occur automatically.
Watch for email from unknown senders. Do not open anonymous attachments.
Keep any Worm Blocking turned on to avoid sending infected email attachments.
Keep any Script Blocking turned on to detect any virus-like activity.
Keep all recommended maximum protection settings turned on.


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